Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Seven Samurai

The seven Samurai is black and white Japanese film.the movie is constructed with different lenses,sounds,close-ups,and in every black and white movie,shades. in the seven samurai the cinematographer shows important scenes in different lenses. which mean that the camera show a closer than it actually is. this is used to show the main character of that scene from a different view point. whether its third person which gives the effect that you are actually example of this is when they show Shino's(the farmers daughter) father with the effect that he is actually standing in the fire. this represents how mad he is that his daughter is in love with a samurai.
there are many close-ups that arecasted on the main character. especially when he is given a up lifting speech to the other samurai or the farmers. in one instance the camera was so close that he was out of frame, and all you saw was his enraged face. this emphasizede the importants and focus of his speech.

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