Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rear window

The rear windows cinematography played a big part in its success like most movies. the camera view at the beginning of the movie starts off in simalarity like the movie Lawrence of Arabia. the vast view of the whole town sets the mood and kind of tells a story before the movie even starts. for example the main character, a wheel chair inbounded man starts off by watching everyone in the town. the camera angle shows this by showing you the view that he is actually seeing. so you can kind of infer that the movie is going to be about him looking at something that he shouldnt have seen or something of importance. in the gloomy scenes of the movie there is not alot of lighting, which supports the mood at the time. and when there is alot of lighting the cinematographer places more light in the scene. there was also a gloss to the scene, where he interacts with the girl that is in love with the character in a wheel chair.


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