Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thrown of Blood


After watching Throne Of Blood i drew parallels too Shakespeare. Shakespeare's play Macbeth has many similarities to Throne of Blood. there is also some similarities to the famous Japanese Noh theatre. Noh is a major form of classic Japanese musical drama that has been performed since the fourteenth century.
i see this form in the Throne Of Blood, because the Throne Of blood Had a spirit that would tell of great prophecies. Often in the Noh Theatre it usually deals with Spirits, Ghost, phantoms and supernatural worlds. the connection to the spirit in the Throne of Blood is the three witches that appear in Macbeth. the main characters in both story lines both have the same goal and play the same role. both of the women in the Throne of Blood and Macbeth both pay a big part in the great ambition of both characters.
Throne Of Blood Is a Mirror Of Macbeth, That conveys Great Cinematography.
In The throne Of Blood the cinematographer takes shots from many precarious angles. where there should be clear shots of the characters, he makes you pay attention more to detail and the movie, because you have to analyze what is going on.in most of the movie there is a deep mist that is created and it gets thicker when the spirit is in the scene. another element that plays a great part is the voice of the spirit. the voice of the spirit seems low and distorted but travels all through out the forest.

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